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for gentle and innovative food,
green goat milk is the way to go

Due to its unique benefits many people prefer goat milk over other protein sources. And its popularity is rising. Around the world, people are more health and environmental conscious and looking for better and healthier alternatives. Goat milk powder serves as a perfect ingredient for wide range of every-day food and specialty products, like cheese, ice cream, chocolate and yoghurt.

Goat milk is easy to digest and is packed with essential nutrients. For instance, goat milk contains significantly more calcium, iron, and magnesium. Goat milk is also naturally A2, contributing to its digestibility. Additionally, the fats in goat milk are healthier as they contain 67% more MCT’s and 134% CLA’s. 

We offer a high quality goat milk powder produced according to the highest European quality standards. All our Green Goat milk products have an excellent solubility, taste, and smell.


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